Kahlan: Now take me to the Seeker
Zedd: He’s here
Kahlan: Him ? But he’s …
Zedd: What? Not good enough? You wanted a Seeker. There he is. If he’s not up to your standard, well, that’s fine by me. Find yourself another
Richard: Seeker? What are you talking about?
Kahlan: You never told him? You were supposed to train him. Prepare him. What have you been doing for the last 20 years?
Zedd: Letting him catch worms, steal apples, skin his knees, find out what makes his heart beat faster.
Kahlan: My sister gave her life to make sure that I got here, to make sure that I put the Book in the Seeker’s hands, and he’s catching worms ?
Zedd: Never knew a great man who didn’t have dirt under his nails.
Kahlan: And while he’s getting his nails dirty, did it ever occur to you to give him the slightest inkling that he is the first true Seeker in the last thousand years?
Kahlan: He has a destiny.
Zedd: Who are you to decide a man’s destiny?
Kahlan: It’s not me, it’s the Prophecy
Zedd: Prophecy be damned. I averted the Prophecy when I brought him here. Until you opened up a nice little door in the Boundary and said, “Right this way to the Seeker, ladies and gentlemen.”
Richard: Stop. What are you talking about? And what’s a Seeker?
Kahlan: If you were so sure you averted the Prophecy, that he was gonna live a nice peaceful life, why did you stay near him all these years? Tell him the truth. Tell him who he is.

Still get goosebumps while watching this scene.